(Last updated June 2022)

What tabletop roleplaying games are you playing right now?

For once, I have pretty good balance between running and playing.

I’m currently running a weekly game of D&D 5e for teens at a local community.

I’m also playing in a biweekly game of Blades in the Dark.

How many children do you have?

Just one! My daughter is a toddler.

What makes you an expert on tabletop RPGs?

Well, I’m not an expert: I mostly just share my experience and what I have learned and hope that others find it valuable.

But if you’re asking for credentials, I dabbled in RPGs growing up, but I only really started playing consistently when they released D&D 5e. I have mostly run games but play when I can. I also enjoy trying out other games but come back to 5e often because it’s the gateway for most new players.

What makes you an expert on parenting?

Despite my protestations above, I make this statement even more strongly: I am not an expert on parenting. This daddy blog is mostly the stories of learning from failure.