This Blog’s Backstory

With a one-year-old, I largely only get out to go shopping or to attend a baby playdate. As such, playdates are the majority of how I socialize these days. While in the car, Julie and I were coming up with smalltalk topics (because that’s how any normal, not-awkward person prepares with social situations), and she mentioned that one of the other parents had a username obviously inspired by D&D.

After a messy snack and blowing bubbles, we spoke to this parent and brought up D&D. We all lamented how little time we had to play when another parent joined in and asked, “Do you play 5e?”

We happily discussed our past and current games until some baby emergency took priority and broke up the conversation.

Talking about games was in some ways unremarkable, but as I was driving home, I thought about how many D&D parents must be out there. Tabletop games have become tremendously popular recently, and these games don’t become less fun for players once tiny humans join the family. We just have less time for it.

Parenting and tabletop games compete for my wandering thoughts, but together, they consume all of my ruminations. And there are some interesting crossover thoughts between the two topics as well.

So this blog is about my adventure in learning to be a parent and where tabletop RPGs fit in around that. My daughter’s too young to speak, much less engage in pretend play, but I hope that she will also play in a game I run one day.

So this blog will largely be what I figure out for myself, and though I don’t intend it to be advice per se, I hope it’s interesting nonetheless and perhaps spurs on some ideas for readers!

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